Friday , 12 August 2022


Cambo13645352_594865054029404_1930350554034020286_ndian Muslim which called Khmer Islam is derived from two main ethnics, Cham and Java. Nowadays Muslim in Cambodia are about 3-5% equal to almost half million of the total number of Cambodian people after the massacre killing by Pol Pot regime who plotted to kill all Muslim in Cambodia during 1975-1979. Most of them live along the riverside because of their major occupation are fishing. Most of them earn less than 2,5$ per day.

Cambodia is known as a peace and democratic country who allow Muslim people live peacefully even they are different religion. Khmer Islam are living in Cambodia happily under the government today which always support and treat fairly with others. However there are some problems which Muslim in Cambodia are encountering included Economy, Education and Cross culture.